Hello Friends,

Summer has finally come, maybe a little too much heat at times, but after last win-
ter I am not going to complain.

Remember for those of you who are signed up for “The Best Little Chicken Ranch” at the Pines on Tuesday August 20th, 2019. Meet us at the Pines between 10:30 – 10:45 we will be seated at 11:00am. Barb will be there by 10:30. Right after exercise class the Senior Center will be closed for the remainder of the day.

We would really like to see more of you come and visit. Bring a couple of friends and enjoy yourselves.
Bring in your crafts that you are working on and do them at the senior center where it is cool.

I still have plenty of room on the bus for our trip to the Museum of Science and Industry on Monday September 16th. If you or a friend would like to go, please call me with all your questions or to sign up.

I am really excited about our August speaker for our PASS Potluck on Tuesday August 27th at 11:00. Bring a dish to pass and your own place service and join us.

Mary Rose, a volunteer at Veteran’s Memorial Hall & Museum in Rockford will be here to show you pictures and talk about W.A.S.P. Women’s Ambulance Safety Patrol, which was founded on April 3rd, 1940. Within months this effort swept nationwide & was The First Women’s Ambulance program in the country. There is literally nothing about these women online, but after several months of intense 
research, the story & pictures are ready to be showcased! Come see if you are distantly related to any of the over 200 women who were involved in this effort. This story is a living legacy & is expected to grow as more information comes to light. Step back into a 1940’s time capsule of Rockford history.

On Monday August 12th we will start to tear down our “On the Farm” window decorations. Please if you brought in items for us to use you may come and retrieve them starting on Monday August 12th. Thank you to everyone that participated.

Hope to see all of you at your Senior Center,